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Welcome to the Solano Surf Rec Program!

2024 Fall Season

View the Recreational Practice Zone map to see which practice zone to request during registration.

Interested in coaching this year? Please fill out our 2024 Rec Coach Application


Practices: Begin starting early August and typically are 2x/wk from 45-120min., depending on the age group and at the coach’s discretion. Practice locations are throughout the Solano County area and are chosen by the coach’s preference.

Games: Every Saturday, starting August 17th through November 2nd. 


Practices will be held at local parks and fields around the area and games will take place at Octo Inn Soccer Complex. The address is 1600 Capitola Way, Fairfield. Rainouts may occur – weather dependent!


The program is open to players ages 4-16 (U6 to U16). No previous soccer experience is necessary.


The program costs $175 for U6 and U8 players and $205 for U10+ players. The last day to register is June 15th. Registration includes team uniform (jersey, shorts & socks), ball, one photo matte with individual player and team, end-of-season medal, and player insurance. The remaining fees go towards supporting the maintenance of the fields, referee fees, field marshal fees, first aid trainers on game days, field equipment, as well as misc. expenses.

All ages are charged an additional $50 volunteer fee, to be reimbursed at the end of the season upon proof of completion of five volunteer hours (see the website for ways to earn volunteer hours).


Players should wear soccer cleats and shin guards and bring a water bottle to all training sessions and games.

Rec Soccer FAQ’s

Who coaches the teams?2023-10-25T19:38:50+00:00

All Solano Surf Soccer Club recreational coaches are volunteers, with most coaches also being the parent of a player. All coaches must pass through a US Club Soccer sports health program (basic first aid, heat exhaustion, concussion awareness, mandated reporter, etc.) and background check. All adults working with a team MUST register with the club to obtain US Club Soccer clearance, no exceptions.

Who can I ask for help on game days?2023-10-25T19:38:38+00:00

All coaches are encouraged to “recruit” an Assistant Coach to help with their youth athletes. Field Marshals are onsite at all games at Octo to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, we have an Athletic Trainer available for quick response to any medical issue on game days.

When will I be contacted about my child’s team for the season?2024-01-17T00:32:03+00:00

SPRING: Rosters are released to coaches in late Feb, so you should hear from your coach in Early March

FALL: Rosters are released to coaches in late July, so you should hear from your coach prior to August 1st.

What training is available to coaches?2023-10-25T19:38:16+00:00

Solano Surf Soccer Club’s Director of Coaching, Zach Sullivan will provide on-field, practical training for coaches. He will take coaches through actual practice sessions, where the coaches are the players, and answer any and all questions about coaching youth soccer. Additionally, we encourage ALL coaches to take advantage of the fantastic and FREE Introduction to Grassroots Coaching provided by US Soccer.

What is the parking situation at Octo?2023-10-25T19:38:03+00:00

We have 185 parking stalls at Octo Inn Soccer Complex in Fairfield. On game day Saturdays, we estimate that the parking need may be as high as 250. Fortunately there is ample street parking available immediately adjacent to the facility. We try to stagger start times as much as possible but we have upwards of 50 games played per day on busy weekends and parking can be a challenge. Please plan to arrive early to ensure you have time to park and walk out to your field.

Please do not park on the islands or in the red zones. When exiting the parking lot, make a right turn only. Drive slowly and with caution, there are many young players walking through the parking lot and they do not always look before darting out!

If practices or games are canceled due to weather, will I receive a refund?2023-10-25T19:37:51+00:00

No, cancellations due to rain, high heat, or smoke will not receive a refund. We set aside additional weekends in November in case games have to be postponed, but beyond that we are at the mercy of the weather.

How often and where will practices be held?2023-10-25T19:37:36+00:00

Each Solano Surf rec coach will sign up for a practice field (usually at a local school or park). During the first coaches meeting, they will pick the time and days (normally twice a week) that the team practices will be held. The schedule is completely up to the volunteer coach.

How do I get the Volunteer Refund?2023-10-25T19:37:21+00:00

If you coach a team and have received a CLEAR result from the US Club Soccer background check process before August 1st, you are eligible to receive a refund. Throughout the year there are a few volunteer opportunities which will be posted as they become available. We have a club-wide volunteer day to help clean up Octo on May 15th. If you volunteer for enough hours during the season, and these hours are signed off by a Solano Surf Executive Committee member during the time of these clean-up days, you will receive a refund of your volunteer fee.

How are teams formed?2023-10-25T19:36:15+00:00

Teams are formed primarily by geographic region and age group. U15 – U19 boys and U16 – U19 girls usually play on co-ed teams, but this is based on how many older players register.

Can I be on a team with all my friends?2023-10-25T19:36:31+00:00

The short answer is no. Our most important goal in making player assignments is balancing the teams to provide competition that is enjoyable for everyone involved. Teams are formed by birth year, which may result in players that are in the same grade being placed into different age divisions.

There are two exceptions:

  1. Siblings of the same gender and same age division may play on the same team.
  2. Where the parents of the players have volunteered to serve as head coach or assistant coach (each team may have one head coach and one assistant coach).

In addition to the two exceptions listed above, you may make a buddy request at the time of registration. This requests are not guaranteed to be filled, but if both players request each other and are in the same age division we will make every effort to accommodate.

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