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Soccer is Back!!!!!

Registration is now open for our 2021 Fall Recreational Season.

The State and County have released new guidelines which will allow us to have a safe and fun soccer season. Follow the link below to register.

Register HERE!

Will there be a Fall season for 2021?2021-05-12T04:07:52+00:00

Yes! The California Department of Public Health has released new guidance that allows us to resume soccer competitions, under some restrictions. We have been and will continue to adhere to all guidelines set forth by the State and Solano County Public Health.

We expect with the reopening of California in mid-June that our soccer season this Fall will look very similar to the way it has for past years.

Will masks be required2021-05-12T03:54:17+00:00

Under the current guidelines masks are required to be worn by spectators and coaches at all times. Players are asked to wear masks as tolerable. These guidelines are current as of February 2021 and will change by the time our program begins in August.

Where are games held?2021-05-12T03:55:05+00:00

Most games are held at the Octo Inn Soccer Complex, located at 1600 Capitola Way in Fairfield. In order to provide more teams to play against we join Benicia Arsenal FC with our U12 and older age groups. These teams should expect to have some games in Benicia at Benicia Community Park.

When will the Fall season start?2021-05-12T03:55:45+00:00

Usually practices can begin August 1st, and the first games are held towards the end of August.

If practices or games are cancelled due to the weather, will I receive a refund?2021-05-12T03:56:19+00:00

No, cancellations due to rain, high heat, or smoke will not receive a refund. We set aside additional weekends in November in case games have to be postponed, but beyond that we are at the mercy of the weather.

How are teams formed?2021-05-12T03:57:05+00:00

Teams are formed primarily by geographic region and age group. U15 – U19 boys and U16 – U19 girls usually play on co-ed teams, but this is based on how many older players register.

Can I be on a team with all my friends?2021-05-12T03:57:36+00:00

The short answer is no. Our most important goal in making player assignments is balancing the teams to provide competition that is enjoyable for everyone involved. Teams are formed by birth year, which may result in players that are in the same grade being placed into different age divisions.

There are two exceptions:

  1. Siblings of the same gender and same age division may play on the same team.
  2. Where the parents of the players have volunteered to serve as head coach or assistant coach (each team may have one head coach and one assistant coach).
Who coaches the teams?2021-05-12T03:58:24+00:00

All Solano Surf Soccer Club recreational coaches are volunteers, with most coaches also being the parent of a player. All coaches must pass through a US Club Soccer sports health program (basic first aid, heat exhaustion, concussion awareness, mandated reporter, etc.) and background check. All adults working with a team MUST register with the club to obtain US Club Soccer clearance, no exceptions.

What training is available for coaches?2021-05-12T03:59:31+00:00

Solano Surf Soccer Club’s Director of Coaching, Zach Sullivan will provide on-field, practical training for coaches. He will take coaches through actual practice sessions, where the coaches are the players, and answer any and all questions about coaching youth soccer. Additionally, we encourage ALL coaches to take advantage of the fantastic and FREE Introduction to Grassroots Coaching provided by US Soccer.

How often and where will practices be held?2021-05-12T04:00:42+00:00

Each Solano Surf rec coach will sign up for a practice field (usually at a local school or park). During the first coaches meeting, they will pick the time and days (normally twice a week) that the team practices will be held. The schedule is completely up to the volunteer coach.

When will I be contacted about my child’s team for the Fall season?2021-05-12T04:01:06+00:00

Rosters are released to coaches in late July, so you should hear from your coach prior to August 1st.

What does my registration fee pay for?2021-05-12T04:01:57+00:00

Your registration fee pays for uniforms, shorts, socks, goals, nets, balls, flags, field maintenance, field paint, referees, insurance, coaches clinics, pictures, and park rentals for practices and games.

How do I get the volunteer refund?2021-05-12T04:03:02+00:00

If you coach a team and have received a CLEAR result from the US Club Soccer background check process before August 1st, you are eligible to receive a refund. Throughout the year there are a few volunteer opportunities which will be posted as they become available. We have a club-wide volunteer day to help clean up Octo on May 15th. If you volunteer for enough hours during the season, and these hours are signed off by a Solano Surf Executive Committee member during the time of these clean-up days, you will receive a refund of your volunteer fee.

Who can I ask for help on game days?2021-05-12T04:03:35+00:00

All coaches are encouraged to “recruit” an Assistant Coach to help with their youth athletes. Field Marshals are onsite at all games at Octo to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, we have an Athletic Trainer available for quick response to any medical issue on game days.

What is the parking situation at Octo?2021-05-12T04:04:22+00:00

We have 185 parking stalls at Octo Inn Soccer Complex in Fairfield. On game day Saturdays, we estimate that the parking need may be as high as 250. Fortunately there is ample street parking available immediately adjacent to the facility. We try to stagger start times as much as possible but we have upwards of 50 games played per day on busy weekends and parking can be a challenge. Please plan to arrive early to ensure you have time to park and walk out to your field.

Please do not park on the islands or in the red zones. When exiting the parking lot, make a right turn only. Drive slowly and with caution, there are many young players walking through the parking lot and they do not always look before darting out!

Program Details2021-06-23T22:17:34+00:00

Our Academy is created for our players born in 2015 and 2014. Academy practices will be held twice a week at the Octo Inn Soccer Complex.

The “Little Surfers Academy” allows you to start and stop the Academy at your convenience. If you want to take a month or season off or take a break for another sport, feel free! Trainings will be overseen by our U8 Academy Director Tony Bussard and sessions will be run by our professional staff.

The goal of our Academy is to develop our player’s technical skills, learn the fundamentals of soccer, as well as fall in love with the game. Our Academy will give these players the opportunity to take their level of soccer to the next competitive level. The Academy players will also be given the opportunity to compete in NorCal Play Date events as well as a league events. We will also play local clubs for events as much as possible.

There may be some optional opportunities for those looking to play even more soccer or to play in local indoor or futsal leagues. These are not included in the monthly Academy cost. The cost will be determined by each event.

We will have a U8 division in our Solano Surf Classic Tournament in August that are included in the monthly training fees. For our top Little Surfers, we will play in some U9 events including a 7v7 U9 NorCal League.

The Academy is $75.00 per month. The benefit of monthly fees for our “Little Surfers Academy” is that you can start and stop the Academy at your convenience. If you want to take a month or season off a break or for another sport, feel free!
To finalize your registration you must complete the online registration link below. This includes accepting the Player/Parent Agreement, uploading your player’s birth certificate and choosing your payment plan. If you have questions or need help, please email us at The email addresses selected during the registration process will be used for all future team and club related information.
Please note: during registration you will be asked to make an optional donation to the Player’s Financial Aid fund. If you do not wish to make a donation please uncheck this option. Solano Surf is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your charitable contribution may be tax deductible.

Practice Begins August 1st
Games Begin August 28th
To Register Click HERE

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