Development Player League (DPL)

The DP league is composed of member clubs that represent Elite competitive clubs in their market and have shown to be of the standard and will benefit from being part of this platform. By unifying clubs from within the conferences, the DP have maintained the defining standards of previous elite platforms with a collective approach to making sure the platform sits atop the youth landscape.

DPL Mission – To develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment. Everything Earned

DPL Vision – We believe through superior experiences, players will be able to showcase their talent, discover collegiate opportunities and create community around the game. We are a standards driven national league connected to the girls academy that will encourage clubs to compete and grow, maximizing the development of their players. By creating a cohesive framework in line with the most dynamic organizations in the country, where nothing is given and everything earned, we will raise the bar in youth soccer together.


  • Age Specific Training Curriculum
  • Training: 3x per week – Plus optional 4th training sessions periodically over the course of the season:
  • Intensive Training
  • Preseason Training
  • Winter Program: U15 – U19 age groups
  • Goalkeeper training included
  • 9-12 month program (June thru March/April). Some teams will take a 2-3 month break during the high school soccer season (fall/winter for boys and girls). This will vary based on the make-up of the team and the number of players participating on their high school team. Players can participate in the Winter Program during the 2-3 month break.
  • All teams have a full-time professional head coach responsible for all training sessions and games
  • DP: Development Player League: U13-U19 Girls
  • DP: College Showcases
  • College Advising