Our coaches strive to develop players for success on and off the field. Soccer is a fantastic tool to teach life lessons and how to be successful in life. Coaches strive to instill a passion and love for the game in all of our players! We believe in encouraging players to express themselves on the field and to be creative and encourage making mistakes along the way with the goal of long-term success.

2023-2024 Boys Coaches

Joe Torres

05/06B White and 12B White

Tony Bussard

07B EA –09B EA/NPL- 14G Blue- 14G White

Alonso Frias

08B EA

David Murrietta

Asst.- 09B EA/NP- 14B Blue- 14B White

Lucas Durval

09B White – 15B White- 13G White

PJ Ordaz

10B EA/NPL- 11B EA/NPL- 13G Blue

Matthew Ramirez

10B White and 13B White

Darius Johnson

10B White and 13B White

Cameron Blythe

12B Pre-NPL

Ronald Leon

13B Blue

Jose Gonzalez

14B Black

Hector Rodriguez

15B Blue and Head GK Trainer

Gabe Cienfuegos

16B Blue

16G Blue and Assistant Coach- 15G Blue

2023-2024 Girls Coaches

Chris Davini

05/06 DPL and 12G Pre-NPL

Oren Rosenmann

05/06G DPL- 09G DPL- 10G White

Mike Viri


Michelle York

Assistant Coach- 07G DPL

Patrick Osa Okoh

08G DPL and 11B White

Joshua Bradley

09G White

Zach Sullivan


Rachel Godinez

12G Blue and 12G White

Cassandra Carvalheira

15G Blue

Robert Oldham

Asst.- 16G Blue and Asst.- 16b Blue

Michelle Zunino

GK Trainer